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Computer Room

Medical education classes and workshops associated directly with the medical center and teaching, library service education, training and promotional activities, and individuals who are approved by the convener or deputy convener of College of Medicine Library Management Committee.

Office Hours
08:20-21:00 on weekdays, 09:00~16:30 on Saturdays, office hours for summer and winter vacations will be announced separately.

Application Method

Booking registration system is adopted. Please use the Computer Room Online Booking System to complete the application form and submit the form in person to the library. You must book one week in advance. Priority for use of rooms is given to whoever books the room first. You will lose your right to use the room if you did not book in advance.

Booking rooms less than one week before use cannot be made online. Download and complete an Application Form, have the form signed and approved, and then submit it to the Information Desk in person.

Available equipment

Capacity: 80.

Equipment: Projector, computers, speaker, microphone (for other equipment such as controllers, please borrow them from the Information Desk)

Terms and Conditions

Computer rooms are not available for long term.

A person in charge of the room should be appointed to contact the librarian.

The library provides only rooms and available equipment. Other relevant matters shall be individually handled by the applicant. When a machine fails or does not work, please notify the Information Desk. Users shall be liable for damages, if any.