I. Purpose of Service

To assist medical libraries in Taiwan to apply to the National Library of Medicine (NLM) for photocopying of journal materials not collected in Taiwan in order to supplement domestic library collections.

II. Eligibility

Members of interlibrary cooperation organizations can apply in the name of a group (individual applications are not accepted).

III. Application Method

(I) For the requested document, please verify its bibliographic data in the database and record its UI NUMBER (PMID).

(II) In the NDDS system complete the "International Library Photocopy Request Form".

1.Please indicate on the form the UI NUMBER (PMID) of each literature document in the database.

2. Select a delivery method: (1) NDDS Express or (2) Mail—Ordinary mail, prompt delivery, registered mail, prompt registered mail, express.

(III) For the requested document, please check the "Union List of Western Serials" compiled by the Science & Technology Policy Research and Information Center to ensure that the requested material is not available domestically before making the request.

IV. Delivery Method, Cost, Handling Time (Document as Unit)

Delivery Method Handling Time Cost Notes
NDDS Express 2–4 days NT$450 NLM delivers document directly to NCKU Medical Library, and then the NCKU Medical Library delivers the document to the applying library by NDDS Express.
Mail 7–14 days NT$480 NLM delivers document to NCKU Medical Library, and then the NCKU Medical Library photocopies the document and mails it to the applying library.

V. Contact Method

Contact person: Daisy Chang. Tel: 06-2353535 #6710, 5148. Fax: 06-2372666

E-mail: ndds@libmail.lib.ncku.edu.tw